In this section, you will learn more about us Apnea Total Malta, our sister schools across the world and this beautiful island we call home.

Apnea Total Malta

Apnea Total Malta was born out of passion; a passion for a sport that leaves no one indifferent once you try it.

We are a team of dedicated and highly experienced freedivers and instructors with a common goal: to share our knowledge and passion for this sport in a safe and fun way.

We uphold the highest standards of freediving safety, instruction and education.

Apnea Total Worldwide

The Apnea Total Freediving Organization has flourished around the world offering courses from South America to the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Would you like to visit one of our sister schools or simply know where they are, click on the following link.



The Maltese archipelago is a gem in the Mediterranean Sea half way between Africa, Asia and Europe.

Malta is a dream destination for divers from all over the world thanks to its clear warm waters, striking underwater scenery, wartime wrecks, lack of tides and few currents.

Thanks to its excellent weather, Malta has become the perfect destination for those wishing to escape the European cold.

Our Courses

CoursesDiscover FreedivingFreediverStatic ApneaAdvanced FreediverMaster FreediverFreediving Instructor
Duration1 day2 days1 day3 daysfrom 4 to 5 weeks4 weeks
Max. Depth12 metres20 metres40 metres50 metresThere is no limit
Pre-requisitesSwim 200 metres
+11 (with parent consent)
Swim 200 metres
+11 (with parent consent)
(or equivalent)
(or equivalent)
(or equivalent)
Equipment rental
Price120 €230 €120 €290 €900 €1200 €
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