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Freediving Instructor

This course consists of intensive personal workshops, on land and in the water, to develop your freediving knowledge, teaching skills and become a professional.

  • 4 weeks
  • Requirements needed
  • Personal workshops in the water and classroom, teaching, assisting and practices
  • Check for upcoming courses
  • Certification and online course materials
  • All the equipment will be provided (except mask and snorkel)
1200 €


The Instructor course runs for 4 weeks and is dividing into 2 periods of 2 weeks.

During the first 2 weeks, you will learn how to teach the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses.

The following weeks you will practice teaching those courses to actual students.

  • Familiarization with the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses from the instructor point of view
  • Academic teaching simulation
  • In-water sessions to develop candidates’ training strategies
  • Teaching methodology and Pedagogy
  • Teach actual students minimum 2 Apnea Total Freediver courses under the supervision of an Apnea Total Instructor
  • Teach actual students minimum 2 Apnea Total Advanced Freediver courses under the supervision of an Apnea Total Instructor
Upon the completition of the Instructor Course and depending on availability, there is a possibility to work as an instructor in Apnea Total Malta or in one of our sister schools.


The Freediving Instructor course is geared towards freedivers interested in turning their passion into a career by teaching freediving with a safe and fun methodology.



Our aim at Apnea Total Malta is to give you all the required teaching skills and freedive knowledge to be successful in your instructor career from the moment your training is over.

You will be empowered to lead with confidence and to teach with empathy. You will master your instructional skills and become the best instructor you can be.


The Apnea Total Instructor course runs for around 4 weeks, depending on your progress.

During the first 2 weeks, you will learn how to teach the Apnea Total Freediver and the Apnea Total Advanced Freediver courses from the point of view of the instructor. Once you are ready, you will teach these courses to actual students.

It is required to teach at least 2 Freediver courses and 2 Advanced Freediver courses to become a certified Apnea Total Instructor.

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified as an Apnea Total Instructor. This certification give you the possibility to work in Apnea Total Malta or in other Apnea Total schools around the world.

We will also send you a private online access to the Apnea Total Instructor course materials and all documents needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

APNEA TOTAL teaching methods are based on practice. There is no test to pass in order to complete the course. We evaluate each student on their potential, evolution and achievement in the water.

Our unique breathing techniques together with the effective structure of the course program creates a stress free, supportive, fun, educative environment and a successful freediving experience. We manage to make our students reach depth and objectives they thought were impossible.

Everyone is different and so is our way of teaching. We adapt the course to the student, not the other way around. We tailor our approach and do not focus on numbers or depth but on mastering the techniques of freediving. Our goal is to teach you how to freedive in a safe and comfortable manner.

Courses are taught by qualified and experienced instructors and you will be surprised what they can do for you. We aim to cater to the student’s individual goals, explore their potential and help them exceed their limits.

During the water sessions, the instructor always dives with each and every student to increase their confidence in their new abilities but also to guarantee everyone’s safety which is our most important concern.

  • Maximum 3 students per group ( (except in the MFD, that has no maximum))
  • No minimum to start a course
  • Courses start every week (except in the MFD and ATIC)
  • Free video/pictures for you to remember and share this amazing experience
  • In all our courses the equipment rental is included  (except mask and snorkel in the MFD and ATIC)
  • Transportation in Marsaskala/Saint Paul’s Bay, depending on the course location (except in the MFD and ATIC)
  • Online access to course materials & worldwide certification
  • OUR PHILOSOPHY: Freediving is for everyone
  • OUR GOAL:  Share with you an experience you will forever remember
  • OUR MISSION: Share our passion in a safe way

The prerequisites to start the Instructor course are:

  • Be certified as a Master Freediver
  • Have assisted Apnea Total Instructors while teaching students for both the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses
  • Be able to communicate your knowledge and passion with pedagogy
  • Specific depth, static and stamina.

Yes. We have crossovers for most of the organizations, which means that you can go on the next step directly.

Contact us for further information.

The Instructor course runs for more or less 4 weeks, depending on your progress.

Contact us for the dates of the upcoming courses.

Candidates should have their own mask and snorkel. The rest of the equipment will be provided by Apnea Total Malta.

Once certified as a Freediving instructor, we recommend you to have your own equipment.

Just contact us by filling in our contact form,  by emailWhatsAppcall us or just pass by and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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CoursesDiscover FreedivingFreediverStatic ApneaAdvanced FreediverMaster FreediverFreediving Instructor
Duration1 day2 days1 day3 daysfrom 4 to 5 weeks4 weeks
Max. Depth12 metres20 metres40 metres50 metresThere is no limit
Pre-requisitesSwim 200 metres
+11 (with parent consent)
Swim 200 metres
+11 (with parent consent)
(or equivalent)
(or equivalent)
(or equivalent)
Equipment rental
Price120 €230 €120 €290 €900 €1200 €
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