Breath holds
over 3 minutes

120 €

1 day

Learn how to
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Water Session



Static Apnea

Learn to hold your breath for longer. Static Apnea is a pure breath-hold discipline of freediving where you lie face-down on the surface of the water for as long as possible.

  • 1 day
  • Minimum breath-hold of 3 minutes
  • Theory session followed by a water session
  • Equipment and transport in Marsaskala/Saint Paul’s Bay
  • Snacks, water and free videos/pictures of the water session
  • Diploma and online course materials
120 €



  • Mammalian Dive Reflex
  • Description of the discipline and its benefits
  • Preparation for static apnea
  • Specific breathing techniques
  • Breath-hold exercises
  • Relaxation, mind and body control techniques
  • Training routines to improve your skills


Water Session

  • Position and relaxation in the water
  • Preparation for a maximum breath-hold
  • Maximum static apnea attempts
  • 3 minute breath-hold minimum
  • Safety procedures and practice


The Static Apnea course is designed for students ready to challenge their mind to discover how long they can hold their breath.

Our Static Apnea course is built upon the foundation established during the Apnea Total Freediver Course. In other words, you have to be certified as an Apnea Total Freediver (or have an equivalent certification level from another freediving organization) in order to start this course.

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Thanks to relaxation and breathing techniques unique to Apnea Total, you will be introduced safely to your real potential, you will have a better understanding of your mind and body and will be surprised how easy it is to hold your breath for over 3 minutes.

The Apnea Static course will benefit your freediving as not only will you be able to dive longer but you will also enjoy a more relaxed and confident way of freediving.


The Static course only takes a day and is divided in a theory session and a water session.

During this course, you will learn everything there is to know about Static Apnea: how to get ready, how to position yourself, how to act, how to relax your body and more importantly your mind; you will practice several exercises to get used to the new sensations, you will learn the unique breathing and relaxing techniques developed by Apnea Total and we will teach you how to train so you can continuously improve your freediving skills.

You will discover what happens to your body when you hold your breath and how your own body, automatically and naturally, helps you to consume less oxygen. Your breath-hold skills will be tested to their limits and you will realize that doing a maximum performance in this discipline is mostly a mental effort.

Our Static course is the first day of the Apnea Total Advanced Freediver course so at the end of the course you have the option to keep on training to become a certified Advanced Freediver in just 2 more days.

Shall you prefer not to do the Advanced Freediver course, you will receive a Diploma upon completion of the Static Apnea course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Freediving is a sport where you safely hold your breath underwater. There are different ways to practice this sport: by covering distances underwater, going deep or simply floating at the surface.

It is a sport based on relaxation and mental control. As such, it is considered as a healthy activity that can be practiced by everyone. Freediving is the most natural way to discover the underwater world and our bodies are made for it with natural automatic responses.

The only prerequisite to start the Static Apnea course is to be certified as an Apnea Total Freediver or to have an equivalent certification level from another freediving organization.
Yes. We have crossovers for most of the organizations, which means that you can go on the next step directly.

Contact us for further information.

The Static Apnea course only takes a day and is divided in a theory session and a pool session.

Courses start every week and include snacks, water, video, pictures, all the equipment needed, transport in Marsaskala/Saint Paul’s Bay, depending on course location and online access to course materials & diploma.

Upon completion of this course, you can decide to keep on training and become a certified Advanced Freediver in only 2 more days.

Apnea Total Malta provides all the necessary equipment but feel free to bring your own.

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